Carpasus Shirt Linen Short Lido nature
Carpasus Shirt Linen Short Lido nature
Carpasus Shirt Linen Short Lido nature


Carpasus Shirt Linen Short Lido nature

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Stay cool during the scorching summer months with Carpasus‘ linen shirts, crafted from natural European linen grown in France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The lightweight and breathable fabric allow heat to escape quickly, keeping you comfortable all day long. Plus, linen is naturally antibacterial and resistant to pilling. Best of all, these shirts don't require ironing and look effortlessly stylish with a slight crinkle.

- Made from natural European linen, woven in Portugal according to Oeko-Tex standards
- Tailored with care in Portugal and designed in Switzerland
- Features a casual fit with back pleats for optimal comfort
- Mao/Stand-Up Collar adds a touch of sophistication
- Buttons crafted from natural corozo for eco-friendliness
- All labels made from organic cotton
- Elegant CARPASUS mallard embroidery on the right sleeve vent
- Sewn-in gusset reinforces the side seam for durability
- Horizontal green buttonhole ensures a secure hold of the last button
- Pre-washed during production to maintain size and fit stability after the first wash at home

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