Bonne Maison

Unique creation

Since 2012, Béatrice de Crécy tells stories with the Bonne Maison socks. Every season, three stories made of 12 models where colours answer to patterns.

In these stories we come accross blondes, clowns, crowds, trapeze artits, nude women bodies, birds, dogs, cats, snails, horses, mice, grasshoppers, snakes or monkeys, in mountainous, green or surrealist settings, imaginary landscapes, with polka-dots, stripes, but also peonies, carnations, iris, daisies, poppies and other wonders… That whole little world wants to settle down, leap and chill, flutter or spread along the feet, climb onto the eel or even come around the calf. And if we don’t pay attention, feet end up sharing stories…

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