About Us

Trueffelschwein opened in March 2007 as an alternative to the commercial and often hype-driven menswear choices in Berlin. We always strive to offer clothing choices based on a healthy mixture of aesthetics and quality --- we want our men to be looked at rather than ogled, to stand out rather than stick out, and to exude confidence without arrogance. We've always believed in finding and supporting small and unknown brands and designers rather than making a quick sale based on the popularity of a big brand. And although some of our small brands have since become heavy hitters we still manage to maintain a personal relationship with all of them, which we aim to convey in our selections and our belief in personal service.

We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with us and are looking forward to greeting you personally in our shop in the near future.

Greetings from Berlin,

Lyon Roque & Ralf Linnenbrink

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