Jan Machenhauer

Founded in 1981, Jan Machenhauer is a noted creator in Denmark.
Interlacing with Jan’s background as a dancer, it is the relation between shape and function that forms the essential notion in each design.

Sculptural refinement is the base upon which Jan Machenhauer creates his clothing. Through the rich compositions of textures and detailed structures, the garments obtain subtle architectural qualities.

Designed and tailored in Copenhagen, the studio uses nature’s finest materials such as linen, wool, cotton, and silk. The manufacturing is deeply rooted in traditional values, emphasizing Jan Machenhauer’s renown techniques and craftsmanship.
For over 40 years, Jan Machenhauer has created long-lasting ethical garments with a purpose and room for wear and tear. Moving away from the typical calendars, his garments preserve their value and integrity, becoming increasingly beautiful with time, while gently challenging the norm.

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