Cambridge Crew 112 maritime
Cambridge Crew 112 maritime

Cambridge Crew 112 maritime

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Soft and cozy jumper in an innovative possum fur/merino wool mix. 

*The possum fibre has a hollow core. The significance of this is two-fold, firstly, the hollow core traps a tunnel of air that provides extraordinary warmth (up to 30% more than 100% wool garment). Secondly, the hollow core creates a fibre lighter than most other natural fibres. By blending 40% possum fur into the yarn you can reduce the overall weight of a garment by more than 20%. Merino possum yarn is highly resistant to pilling.

Both possum and Merino fibres have a complex structure with a hydrophilic (water holding) interior and a hydrophobic (water repelling) exterior. Merino Possum fabric will absorb and expel moisture vapour from the external environment or the body microclimate, making it into a breathable fabric.

  • rib knit neck, cuffs and waistband 
  • 40% possum fur/ 53% merino, 7% nylon
  • made in New Zealand

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