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Saint Paul

A few years ago, stylist and designer Jung Ho Geortay began dreaming up mischievous and prints for shirts, produced as single pieces, each bearing a message concealed in a hidden spot (often inside the collar) and named after the calendar day corresponding to their creation. Encouraged by journalist Elisabeth Paillié and supported by the Printemps Design at Beaubourg (who were the first to market his shirts, in packs that repeated his prints), Jung Ho decided to create his own label, referencing his second name, PAUL.

The Belgian stylist takes an obvious and crafty pleasure in toying with the standards of textile design, creating graphic ruptures through the skillful placement of unexpected elements into his motifs. The strategic arrangement of these minute details is sharp and cleverly camouflaged, conforming to the constraints of the classic dress code. To work in these playful details, all of the label’s shirts are cut and assembled by hand.

Saint Paul t-shirts, shirts and jackets are made for men and women. The hidden marks and the playful follies of the collection will delight style lovers weary of traditional sober, monotone prints.

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