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“In 2008, I got a desk job and a few shapeless suits. I had them tailored on U St in DC and kept going back to the shop. I loved the atmosphere and watched as these tailors made people look good.

I was intrigued, so, I signed up for sewing classes with my aunt’s 1970s Kenmore sewing machine beginning with threading the machine and years later, with a new wardrobe. My passion became making clothes for myself – picking the best, most unique fabrics, perfecting my patterns and creating engaging yet classic pieces that I could not find elsewhere.

Corridor stands for fit, quality, and character. Corridor is me, every piece is made in the way that I would create something for myself using the best of everything, no compromises, no gimmicks, cutting no corners, and made here in NYC."

Dan Snyder – Designer, Founder

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