Indigo People Carp Bandana
Indigo People Carp Bandana

Indigo People

Indigo People Carp Bandana

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The artwork of this bandana is manually created following the traditional Bandhani tie and dye method which is similar to the japanese Shibori technique. Each shape is composed by fine dots that are bound with thread ton resist indigo dye. The entire tie and dye process is done by hand and hence a highly skilled way of producing complicated patterns in textile. (text courtesy of Indigo People)

*This item has been dyed in natural indigo. Every single item is dyed separately by hand thus colour differences occur that make every single item unique. The natural indigo will continue to develop as you wear it and will gain its own character. Please be aware that the indigo may stain light pieces of clothing when wet. 

  • 100% cotton
  • handmade in India 
  • approx 50x50 cm