Aer Accord No. 03: Ambre
Aer Accord No. 03: Ambre

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Aer Accord No. 03: Ambre

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AER Accord No 03: AMBRE is an elegant, beguiling scent blending the amber sweetness of Amyris, Balsam of Peru and Storax, powdery musk from Musk Seeds, otherworldly floral notes of Geranium Leaf and Osmanthus Flower, all bound together by French Oak Moss. A scent of contradictions: soft and elegant, but also bold and totally modern.

AER Scents are 100% botanical, vegan and free from synthetics and preservatives. All Aer perfumes are high-concentration Parfum, and are handblended and handfilled at their Atelier in Berlin.

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