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Hansen Billy 26-32-6 inca black
Hansen Billy 26-32-6 inca black
Hansen Billy 26-32-6 inca black


Hansen Billy 26-32-6 inca black

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This capacious canvas sling bag stands as a testament to functionality and style. Designed with a lined interior, it features two convenient zipper pockets and a sizable zipper closure.

The fabric hails from Japan, distinguished by its dense Jacquard weave, complemented by a brushed surface that adds to its tactile appeal.

Key features:
- Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton canvas
- Available in One Size
- Two zipper pockets for added organization
- Secure large zipper closure
- Origin: Italy
- Crafted in Europe

BILLY combines Japanese fabric craftsmanship with European construction, resulting in a bag that marries utility and aesthetics seamlessly.